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Unutilised tickets due to cancellation of flights impacted by COVID-19


Dear Business Partners and Passengers,


We have been appointed as Administrators of Air Mauritius Ltd with the primary objective of rescuing the company or as much of its business as is possible. You will appreciate that the airline industry faces unprecedented issues with flight restrictions and lockdowns all over the world, including Mauritius. These are events which are beyond anyone’s control.

In the course of the administration, we, as Administrators, are under legal obligations. We cannot simply repay certain persons in preference to others. There is an orderly process provided for in the law as to how these matters are dealt with.

We invite passengers who have either purchased their tickets directly, or through travel agencies, and have not been able to travel during the lockdown period to opt for one of the following alternatives: Either,

  1. change their travel dates or freely transfer their tickets to another passenger.

The conditions are extended for the period of 2 years from the original departure date, without any penalty or fare difference for travel on MK flights in the same cabin class.


  1. Exchange unutilised tickets against a Travel Voucher.

The Travel Voucher (EMD) is good for further transportation (GFFT). It will be valid for 2 years as from its issue date with the same face value of the original ticket, plus a bonus comprised of an additional 10% added to the base fare and fuel surcharge. All penalties for cancellation will be waived.

The EMD is also transferable to another person for future issuance of tickets and ancillary services.

If you have purchased your ticket through a travel agency and you wish to apply for one of the above options, please contact your travel agent to assist you.

For any passengers who nevertheless insist on a refund, we would then invite them to please file a claim with the Administrators for the face value of their existing ticket. This will then (subject to rules relating to proofs of debt) be considered together with the other debts of the company. A proposal will be made in relation to these amounts as part of the restructuring plan of the Company, when this is put to the general body of creditors in the coming months. Claims should be filed via the dedicated email  address  which  we  have  set  up.  Instructions  on  how  to  file   your  claims  are  available   at's-claim.

Passengers who reschedule their tickets or opt to transfer them or accept a Travel Voucher, will not be disadvantaged as compared to those who opt to file a claim now.

Yours faithfully, 
The Administrators