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AVML- Asian Vegetarian Meal

This vegetarian meal is prepared in an Indian style and is usually spicy. No meat, seafood or egg is allowed. This meal may include dairy products.

VGML - Vegetarian Vegan Meal

This is a strict vegetarian meal which does not contain any product of animal origin i.e. meat, seafood, eggs, dairy products and honey.

VLML - Lacto Ovo Vegetarian Meal

This is a vegetarian meal which can include eggs and dairy products but eliminates all meats and seafood.

VOML- Vegetarian Oriental Meal

Typically cooked in Chinese style, this meal does not contain meat, seafood, egg and dairy products.

VJML - Jain Meal

Suitable for Jains, this meal is cooked in an Indian style and is usually spicy. No meat, seafood, egg and dairy products are used in the preparation of this meal. Onions, garlic, ginger, mushrooms and root vegetables as carrots, beetroot are also not used.

RVML - Raw Vegetarian Meal

This meal is composed of a combination of raw fruits and / or vegetables.