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Meals respecting religious beliefs

Get a meal in line with your beliefs during your flight.

MOML - Muslim Meal

All meals served on Air Mauritius flights do not contain beef, pork and their derivatives. No alcohol is used in Air Mauritius recipes. This meal is made from halal products and is mainly composed of lamb, chicken and fish. Its preparation and cooking style may vary.

HNML - Hindu Meal

This meal is non-vegetarian and contains meat (lamb, poultry), fish, and/or dairy products. It is suitable for those who do not consume beef, veal, pork, smoked and raw fish. Typically cooked spicy or curried, its preparation and cooking style may vary.

KSML - Kosher Meal

Prepared according to Jewish religious specification by Kosher-certified manufacturers. This pre-packed meal is sealed and needs to be ordered at least 48 hours before departure. KSML are not available from Nairobi on Air Mauritius services.