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Where is Mauritius on the World Map?

 Newcomers to Mauritius often start their journey to our tropical island by asking this question and looking for it online or in their atlas. It’s also something we know that parents take time to explain to their children as part of the exciting build up to their holiday in the Indian Ocean.

Mauritius on a world map

So, where are we? Well, our exact location is here, but on the map you’ll find Mauritius east of Africa and more specifically east of Madagascar. Our nearest neighbour is the island of Reunion to the south west.

world map mauritius

To our north, you’ll find the islands of Seychelles and Maldives, and further north east is Sri Lanka and Kerala, India. Moving down from here across the Indian Ocean to the east is the Australian coast and Perth (one of our direct flight routes).

Now you know where we are, you just need to pack your bags! 

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