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Discover our range of movies, musical pieces & games

Benefit from our selection of movies, music and games. You won't have the time to get bored during your flight!



Sit comfortably, select a movie among our broad selection, enter a new world! 

Watch a wide range of movies, TV shows and listen to your favourite music until you reach your destination. We definitely have something for every audience : French, English, Italian, German, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), African and Indian (Bollywood as well as Tamil) are all available on board.



Discover our wide selection of music, create your playlist and travel in your own atmosphere.  

Enjoy Air Mauritius selection of music : pop, rock’n’roll, jazz, classical, Bollywood, local Mauritian and so much more. You will definitely find something suiting your tastes!



Escape from reality through exciting and challenging video games. 

You won’t notice time passing during your flight! Whether you're playing, whether you're a kid or simply a kid at heart, you'll enjoy our range of games.


Waves Dec 18 Classic





Download the inflight entertainment guide for our A340C & A319 aircrafts here





Waves Dec 18





Download the inflight entertainment guide for our A350, A340E & A330 here.