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Air Mauritius ensures that children enjoy a comfortable and seamless journey similar to our adult passengers.

Inflight bed & leg-rest extension

If you booked a seat for your child, you may bring an inflight bed/ leg-rest extension (e.g. Bed-Box, Fly Tot, 1st Class Kid Travel Pillow, Plane Pal). Such device is allowed as long as it is not attached directly to the seat. Inflight bed/ leg-rest extensions that are attached to the seat (e.g. Fly LegsUp or FlyeBaby) are not permitted. 

Safety being our top priority, the following will be applicable to the inflight bed/ leg-rest extension:

  • Must be packed and securely stowed in the overhead compartment or under the seat in front during taxi, take-off and landing or when instructed by the crew.
  • Cannot be used at the emergency exit rows, aisle or middle seats. 
  • Must be used only at a window seat. 
  • Must not interfere with or prevent the seat in front from reclining. 
  • Cannot be combined so as to allow two or more convertible inflight beds to occupy several seats.

Also, please make sure your child’s head is pointing towards the tail of the aircraft, in order to be able to use the safety belt properly. 

If your child is under two years of age, he or she must be removed from the inflight bed/ leg-rest, and secured with an infant seat belt whenever the seat belt sign is switched on.

Please read our conditions of use of Child Restraint Devices (CRD) onboard.