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The extraordinary richness of Mauritian cuisine is rooted in the island's diverse cultural mix. On board our aircraft, we want to give you a taste of this richness while at the same time adapting our meals to your dietary habits.

Mauritian cuisine draws its inspiration from all corners of the world. We cultivate the island's culinary identity by offering you a diverse range of meals on board our aircraft. On each flight, enjoy the Creole, European, Indian, Asian, and other flavors that are in themselves a voyage of discovery!

Adapted meals

To ensure that we observe the dietary requirements of all passengers, our meals are cooked without alcohol and any products derived from beef, veal, or pork. Our ready-to-eat products abide by the same standards.


  • Air Mauritius cannot guarantee an environment free from food allergies, including peanut allergy, on board its aircraft.
  • Air Mauritius provides a choice of meals onboard according to the class of travel and the flight (medium or long haul). Due to high demand for a particular meal, it may happen that no choice is available at the time your meal is served. We regret any inconvenience caused by this. Air Mauritius shall not be held liable in this case.

Cooking without borders


Our menus have been carefully designed to reflect the diversity of our local cuisine - a melting pot of flavours and fragrances which, as our people, come from different continents to create a harmonious blend that constitutes the unique Mauritian experience.


Menus on different flights


*Please note that our meals and beverages are subject to change without notice.

*Alcohol should be consumed moderately.