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Some of our procedures have been adapted to enhance your safety and comfort. Find out what to expect and prepare for your next trip.

Checklist to prepare for your travel

1. Do ensure that you do not present flu-like symptoms (fever, cough and sneezing) prior to travel, as you will not be allowed to board the aircraft if this is the case.

2. You will be required to provide, at check-in, evidence of a PCR test not more than 5 days’ old until further notice. This requirement may change and it is advisable that you consult this page for updates.

3. We strongly recommend that you are acquainted with all requirements issued by the health authorities applicable to your destination as these measures will include temperature screening, and in some cases mandatory quarantine. You may obtain this information from the respective embassies and consulates. Air Mauritius will assist you as far as possible. 

4. To facilitate physical distancing measures, you will be required to arrive at the airport three hours prior to departure. With all the precautionary measures now in place, the process will be longer, although we will strive to make it seamless for you.

5. You will be required to wear your own mask at all times at the airport and onboard, as this is a mandatory for travel. Please ensure to carry a sufficient number of masks for the entire duration of your flight, from the time you reach the airport to the time you leave the airport at destination.  Typically, you should provide for one mask for 4 hours.  

6. It is very important that you safely dispose of used mask in a sealable bag. Please DO NOT place any masks in the seat pockets, on the seats or anywhere in the cabin.

7. We encourage you to travel with a hand sanitiser in quantities of 100ml or less for use throughout your journey.

8. To help limit contact between carry-on baggage items, your Cabin Baggage should include only the necessary essential items such as personal laptops, handbag, briefcase, and baby items. The total allowable number of pieces per person will be one, with a weight not exceeding 5 kg.

9. We encourage you to consume a meal before the flight, and to bring your own water bottle for refill. You may also carry some dry snacks for your consumption on board.  However, your food items will neither be stored nor reheated by cabin crew on board.