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security checks, customs & immigration

At Air Mauritius, we take security very seriously. For this reason, we ask all our passengers to submit to the security checks required before boarding. Any passenger who refuses a security check will unfortunately be denied boarding. 


Security at Perth airport, Australia

Security has been enhanced at Perth Airport's International Terminal (T1) since the introduction of a body scanner in December 2012. The body scanner is used to screen outbound passengers at the international passenger screening point, in conjunction with walk-through metal detectors.  Passengers are randomly selected for screening by the body scanner. Consistent with current practices, anyone who refuses to undergo a body scan without valid reason will be not permitted to enter the departure lounge or board their flight. 

This rule applies equally to airport staff, pilots and cabin crew. 

Body scanners are currently used at airports in other countries including the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Thailand and the Netherlands. Perth Airport is the latest one of the eight airports across Australia to use body scanners. 

The scanners are safe and use radio frequency energy (similar to mobile phones and wireless network devices), not x-ray technology. 
The passenger’s privacy is protected as the scanner displays a generic “stick figure” image with no identifying features. The body scanner cannot store any personal or identifying information about passengers.


The carriage of LAGs is restricted in the cabin. Click here for more information.

Preparing for customs & immigration

There are strict rules and controls on what food products you can bring in a country. This is due to the fact that food products can carry pests and diseases, which can devastate the environment, agricultural and horticultural industries.

The following food items are prohibited to enter to the UK:

  • Meat
  • Dairy products.

Furthermore, UK authorities are carrying random checks on all carriers entering its territory including that of AIR MAURITIUS. Passengers found with any prohibited items are subject to prosecution, heavy fines with the authorities concerned. For more information about the rules visit