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You can check-in at the airport at any one of our Air Mauritius check-in counters or you can check-in online and save time.

Online Check-In

You can check-in to your flight at your convenience at home anytime from 30 hours up to 2 hours* before the flight's departure. Once at the airport, you will just have to check-in your baggage at the baggage drop-off counter.

Departure from Mumbai: passenger can check-in online anytime from 30 hours up to 4 hours before flight departure.

Benefits to you:

  1. Saves time.
  2. Get to choose your favorite seat.
  3. Print out your boarding pass at your convenience.


  • Online check in is available for e-ticket holders only. Passengers holding paper tickets should kindly check in directly at the check in counters located at the airport.
  • In certain cases, operational necessities temporarily prevent us from opening the flight for Internet check-in. We kindly request you to try again later or to check in at the airport. 
  • Passengers who require special assistance are advised to check in directly at the check in counters located at the respective airports. 
  • Passengers who are below 2 years (infants) cannot be checked in online. Adults accompanying infants are kindly requested to check in directly at the check in counters located at the airport. 
  • In case of change of flight plans by passenger after Internet Check In, passengers are responsible for canceling their flight prior to departure and contact us on +230 6033030 or the local Air Mauritius airport contacts here. 
  • If a passenger who has checked in online does not present himself at the check-in counter 1 hour before the flight departs, Air Mauritius will consider that the passenger does not intend to travel and there would be an automatic cancellation. 
  • The accuracy of information provided by the passenger when using the online tool is the full responsibility of the passenger. Air Mauritius is not liable for inaccurate or incorrect information provided by the passenger.
  • Passengers are requested to retain their printed itinerary trip summary receipt for presentation at the airport(s).
    Passengers who have checked in online are subject to all required airport security checks. 
  • Air Mauritius is not responsible for any errors that may occur during the registration of frequent flyer number details. Registration of miles is subject to the frequent flyer conditions and rules. Passengers must remember to retain a copy of the original boarding pass and a copy of the original ticket in the event a retro claim may be required by the passenger to apply for the registration of their miles into their member account. 
  • Not all airports allow for process of internet check-in and some airports have limited facilities that do not allow for full internet check- in. Due to immigration, safety and airport limitations, certain airports do not allow or recognize boarding passes that are not printed at the airport check-in counter. In these cases, passengers are advised to visit the check-in counter at the airport for a boarding pass to be issued. 
  • Whilst all efforts will be made to reserve specific seat selections made by passengers in a booking reservation, Air Mauritius cannot guarantee a seat selection or seat reservation when there is a change of aircraft. 
  • Air Mauritius is not liable for any connectivity or technical errors that may occur during the online check in process, or for the downtime of the website.

Check-In and Boarding Times

At an international airport, security procedures may sometimes slow down due to many people travelling. 
Please ensure you don't miss your flight: check in at the Air Mauritius counter at least 3 hours before your departure time.

Your boarding time is indicated on your boarding pass. Please arrive at your boarding gate at the indicated time. If you fail to arrive on time, you may miss your flight.

Lounge access

After check-in, our Business Class passengers and Kestrelflyer Elite card holders may relax in our lounges. An announcement will be made when it's time to proceed to the boarding gate.