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What we believe in

Find below our core values & beliefs.

Interior-Content-cabin-crew-1Service excellence:

  • We will serve our valued customers with a professional and caring attitude.
  • We will transmit our passion for our Company by speaking and acting positively.
  • We will deliver what we promise.

Integrity and Accountability:

  • We work as a team and take collective responsibility once decisions are made.
  • We will strive for solutions instead of blaming others and finding excuses.
  • We accept personal accountability for our own actions and results.

Our people:

  • We will foster a culture of learning and sharing knowledge.
  • We will break internal silos and place our actions in corporate perspective.
  • We will treat and work with each other in a respectful manner.
  • We welcome feedback and will strive for continuous improvement.
  • We will celebrate and reward success.

Shareholder value:

  • We will endeavour to create more value through sustainable return on investment.
  • We will put an end to processes, procedures and activities that add no value.
  • We will strive to control all costs controllable by ourselves and not tolerate wastage.

Social Responsibility:

  • We will act as good corporate citizens and ambassadors for our country.
  • We will support and promote the conservation of our heritage and our national identity.
  • We will assist the Community at large.